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IntelligentTag to Demonstrate Symmetry 2 with Industry-first Un-carded Loyalty Solution at TribalNet

IntelligentTag to demonstrate Symmetry 2 and industry first graph-based analytical model for handle-pull level analytics for both un-carded and carded players, at the 2021 TribalNet Conference, to be held November 9th and 10th in Dallas.

IntelligentTag, leader in next-generation graph data governance and intelligence, will be demonstrating Symmetry 2 and its integration with the Acres Manufacturing Foundation. This capability revolutionizes the gaming loyalty field by now targeting and analyzing both carded and un-carded play, per handle-pull. Traditional gaming floor systems are unable to process the volume of data in real-time, do little with un-carded data, and measure carded play typically at the session level. Symmetry 2 integration with Foundation treats all guests as "first-class citizens," and enables new levels of player loyalty, security and compliancy value-add options.

Stop by Booth 304 to see Symmetry 2 and the "next generation of analytics."

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