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It's Never
Been Easier
Than This.

Symmetry's suite of mobile applications empowers users to stay engaged - from real-time data access to alert/notifications, actionable information is never out of reach.


No floor system? No problem. All mobile apps support the Acres Foundation for real-time data visibility.


Symmetry provides full progressive meter reading capabilities compliant with National MICS/TICS standards. 

​Among many industry firsts, Symmetry's iMeter retains seven plus years of historical records of daily progressive meter change, calculates meter variances, integrates with jackpot data, applies moving average slot variance data and informs stakeholders from Slots to Audit as required through pre-defined rules and alerts. iMeter supports a full range of reports from issue management  to employee performance. 


Know your customer. With Symmetry iHost, host managers and hosts can manage their most important guests in real time, ensuring the highest levels for the guest experience. 

Notification of real-time play, guest preferences, their friends, behaviors, trends, communications (text, phone, email), tasks and potential hosted players are just a few of the at-hand features. 

iHost supports more complex capabilities including host commissions, Marketing Campaign development, Social Media analysis using Natural Language Processing  and host performance reporting.



Know your floor. With Symmetry iFloor, executives, slot / table managers, technicians, ambassadors and others have access to each rating, occupancy and utilization statistic.   

iFloor lets its users customize notifications and define their own data metrics to track, for example

 - coin-in, or parking space thresholds.


iFloor can optionally be configured to work with the Acres Foundation to elevate visibility of any SAS data in real-time, eliminating stale data feeds or data not accessible through traditional floor systems.


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