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Our services include training, consulting and development, enabling organizations to deliver value early and often, with rigor.


intelligentTag training supports your organization’s success by providing resources with the skills and knowledge necessary to leverage and optimize intelligentTag's suite of products and offerings. We realize that a robust curriculum and ongoing support services are key components to the success of our clients. We provide role-based training that ensures your teams can meet the demands of their jobs. Our program addresses training requirements and methods for both business and technical users who require skills in:

1. Graph Modeling

2. Data harvesting and life-cycle management

3. Administration

4. Customizations and integrations

 We provide instructor-led, onsite or remote access training, and Cloud instances for hands-on exercises. Training can be customized how and when clients need it. Our goal is to offer flexible training that will enable our clients to deploy, maintain, customize and upgrade the solutions and product offerings.

There are times when our clients may require some level of application customization. Whether integrating within an existing client ecosystem or generating new user interface heuristics, our commitment to open frameworks and languages ensures such customization is an investment for the long run.  There’s a huge potential for delivering business value through creating precisely the right custom application. intelligentTag

partners with our clients to develop a roadmap, to determine what should be built first and what can be implemented over time. Our worldwide engineering team have many years of development experience using the latest multi-tiered, client-server frameworks and 'develop once, run anywhere' languages.  As a trusted partner, clients can rest assured that we are there if any custom development work is desired.



intelligentTag services deliver solutions that help drive transformation, improve productivity, and streamline business operations. Our services are linked to measurable goals, to help our clients achieve competitive advantage early and often. Our personnel have combined experience of over one hundred of years of working with top-tier, Fortune 100 companies. We have implemented solutions for some of the world's largest banks, insurance and gaming companies.

intelligentTag partners with some of the world's largest service providers, leveraging their domain expertise and service teams to help facilitate early adoption and ongoing solution execution. 

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