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Applications are not platforms. The distinction between platform and application has never been more important than today as casinos make their application investment choices with an eye on future scalability, agility, management, cost and support.  Applications must be open and participate together, through common terminology and technology,  to enable their value-add without data duplication, complex data transformations or expensive custom code development. Symmetry encompasses both the platform and application offering enterprise-class features supporting today's standards for interoperability and usability.


We are Community-based. With a world-wide community of over 100,000 developers and researchers, Symmetry supports a model of continuous innovation. Invested in a team of Data Scientists that use both Python machine learning and native graph community analysis?  Want to explore how your social networking data can uncover player sentiment? Have Tableau or QlikSense and want to retain your investment in it? With Symmetry, no problem.  New capabilities are enabled through simple open source extensions or component plug-and-play. 


We are Data-Driven. Reaching across multiple properties to normalize data and create composite views is no small feat. The underlying database must be able to scale while ensuring model flexibility and agility. Unlike traditional relational database solutions, Symmetry is data-driven -  no need for complex data migrations or relational mapping thereby avoiding downtime as a result of a model change not mapping to a database column or report field. 

We are Enterprise class. Application Load Balancing, Database Load Balancing, Database Clustering, LDAP-ready, KAFKA, JDBC/ODBC, Data Lineage, Data Encryption in transit and at rest, 2-Phase Authentication with password management, SSL/user/role-based data security and WCAG compliancy are among just a few enterprise-class features included in Symmetry. 

We Embrace the Ecosystem. This includes both our technology and partner ecosystems. Today, we are bundled with leading software and hardware gaming vendors by adding our platform and analytical dimensions to their overall solutions.  Symmetry integrates with today's leading video, real-time, POS, Hotel and Floor Systems.  Adding a hotel to the property, or perhaps POS? As the world's first Governance  application built on a graph database, Symmetry can integrate, align and democratize your data from any source with just a few clicks

Open For All

With Symmetry's Open Intelligence Platform™, users (even from other casinos), can share rules, analytics, models and manage the collaboration through one interface. Our open philosophy and extensible platform allows knowledge to be derived and shared so all can benefit without additional investments in software and resources, ever. Need a new report? Perhaps a template to train a VIP model? Chances are it has been written and freely available. 

Symmetry directly connects with today's leading message buses as both a consumer and producer. Need to get real-time data from a Sport's Book or Bonusing App and sync with your loyalty program? With Symmetry messaging, it is as simple as hopping on the bus!




Much has been said today about AI and Machine

Learning. Many say it, few can do it. This is where Symmetry shinesThrough its underlying real-time

messaging, process workflow, rules engine, data grids and charts -  Symmetry learns from your historical data, segments automatically, classifies (tags) and trains ML models code-free. Imagine developing a VIP model using historical data and classify such according to the coupon ranges you define. 


The promise of predictive and prescriptive analytics is here now. Symmetry makes data connections and learns, just like the human mind.


No Monthly Usage Charges

Are your current application and databases licenses tied to end-user counts, functionality and/or system resource limits (CPU/Disk/RAM/Network throughput)?  Did you purchase a solution only to find it supports a minimal number of machines, data loads, analytical cycles/models and users? With Symmetry, there are NO resource limits. Symmetry bundles the database, application and integrators without ANY resource throttles or hard-coded limits. Symmetry scales as you scale with no hidden fees or long term

contract commitments, ever.


Symmetry today supports over 30,000 slots and over 50 million transactions daily world-wide.  Our largest properties

execute millions of real-time transactions per day with

historical data reaching back 7 years.

Symmetry. Enterprise class without the Enterprise costs.

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