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IntelligentTag Announces Symmetry AI

IntelligentTag announces, Symmetry AI, a Symmetry platform extension integrated with todays leading AI frameworks and models making it highly proficient in various language tasks, including writing, summarization, translation, and conversation. From language based report development to common term definition, Symmetry AI allows users to create and save reports based on their custom casino model and semantics as defined through IntelligentTags unique dynamic rules- based classification engine. 'Imagine a Player Development Host simply describing preferences and behaviors of their guests ('Attended the Peter Frampton concert') from which Marketing can simply ask questions generating reports such return 'What was the ROI on Peter Frampton Concert?' states Jyoti Mody, VP of Marketing at IntelligentTag, 'That ease-of-use and level of report customization now exists with Symmetry AI.'

Come see Symmetry AI in use at this year's IGA conference in San Diego March 27th-30th at the San Diego Convention Center.

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