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eConnect Global and IntelligentTag Partner to Create Next-Generation Intelligent Video and POS Analy

eConnect Global and intelligentTag have today entered into a formal Technology Alliance, offering extended value-add capabilities across their respective platforms. With the ability of the platforms to share data in real-time, eConnect and IntelligentTag can now leverage and analyze all captured data points across a property, without need to purchase additional one-off solutions. The integration treats surveillance video, facial images and Point of Sales feeds as a first-class business asset, augmenting existing player loyalty data, gaming floor data and other property data.

eConnect is a leader in associating video feeds with the myriad of data sources found within a gaming property. IntelligentTag is a leader in providing knowledge-based data visualization and delivery tools. Through this alliance, we offer a solution that renders a clear, real-time view of your property, and that enables stakeholders to capitalize on opportunities - using web-based and/or handheld devices. The integration offers endless new capabilities to enhance overall business operations - from social distancing, to guest movement, to AML tracking to player-dealer collusion.

“We are very excited to partner with IntelligentTag,” said Henry Valentino, CEO of eConnect. “This partnership creates an overarching layer of intelligence on top of our unique data integration capabilities. It will bring significant value-add to our gaming client base.” Joe Stefaniak, CEO of IntelligentTag, added, “eConnect’s current solutions and capabilities make our analytic capabilities even more robust. By combining forces, we can offer the best solution possible for our mutual clients, making them more effective and efficient.”

These capabilities will be available immediately to any eConnect or IntelligentTag customer.

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