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IntelligentTag to Demonstrate Cloud-based Progressive Meter Compliancy Solution at NIGA

IntelligentTag to demonstrate iMeter in the Microsoft Azure Cloud at the 2020 National Indian Gaming Conference (NIGA), to be held March 25th and 26th in San Diego.

IntelligentTag, leaders in next-generation graph data governance, will be demonstrating iMeter. This app allows tribal organizations to be compliant with the National Indian Gaming Commission MICs, as applied to daily and monthly auditing for progressive meters. Using Symmetry in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, along with hand-held devices, you reduce the time to capture, audit, validate, and variance-check progressive meter data - with accuracy unattainable using manual processes. This includes linked, non-linked, multi-denom and themed progressives. Daily, monthly and yearly trend and audit analytics are just a click away. Storage of the slot image, as captured by the device, is also supported. By deploying iMeter in the Cloud, organizations have a low-cost option for achieving compliance in the area of progressive meters.

Stop by the Microsoft booth to see iMeter in the Azure Cloud.

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