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Gaming Industry Business Ontology and xAI


Continuing with its history of industry-leading firsts, and leveraging a long history in Financial Services and Gaming analytics, IntelligentTag introduces the first data-driven casino ontology, the 'Gaming Industry Business Ontology' (GIBO). It supports both generative and explainable Artificial Intelligence (xAI). Symmetry now supports the creation and management of an organization's vocabulary and terminology, deriving the semantic context needed to query data using generative AI technologies. 

Ontologies help standardize, classify and explain (semantic meaning) the terminology of both an 

organization and, where applicable, the industry.  Leveraging Symmetry's embedded Knowledge Graph,  transparency and interpretability for both developers and end-users is as simple as asking a question using your terminology. For example, the text embedded in questions such as 'Sum all Net Win for all machines on the floor at site ABC' or 'Predict the tier a new member will have in 90 days given their visits, time-on-device and theoretical' - is traceable back to its data sources. So the results are explainable, providing both data confidence (how) and data governance (where).


In the near future, IntelligentTag will seek Gaming partners and vendors to help formalize and manage standardization of GIBO, to ensure that gaming data can be queried and analyzed in context - as well as to ensure that data can be transformed between compliant tools and technologies (using transformations such as XMI, XSLT and XML) - to enable data democratization independent of data platform. 

Introducing Symmetry iStreams


Among many industry firsts, IntelligentTag introduces Symmetry iStreams , a data streaming ecosystem focused on true real-time data analysis. 


iStreams   leverages real-time messaging and monitoring  technologies for real-time data in-motion visibility. End-users can subscribe to their favorite channels, set data thresholds and/or build or integrate with custom or third-party applications, including hand-held devices. 


The combination of iStreams  ,  Symmetry's semantic classification model, and LLMs (such as ChatGPT), will revolutionize how our clients view, analyze and democratize their data. 




Symmetry can integrate with today's most popular gaming technologies or directly to the EGM - from real-time SAS-compliant messaging to traditional floor/loyalty, POS, Financial, parking and hotel systems. Symmetry is the only platform that automatically aggregates data for multi-property analytics to create 360-degree property views enabling Player Development, Marketing and Floor organizations to agree on and align with their terminology and data sources.

Open, extensible, customizable. The three key tenets to which Symmetry will always adhere. 

Financial Services


Symmetry supports data traceability, data lineage and stewardship. From ontologies (FIBO), vocabularies, and business processes, to the underlying IT, Symmetry supports a variety of key regulatory drivers, such as:
* Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/Patriot Act,    
       DFS Rule 504)
* Risk Management (BCBS 239)
* Capital Markets and Investments (MIFID II)
* Data Privacy Management (GDPR)
* Financial Compliance (CCAR, DFAST)

IntelligentTag led the adoption of FIBO on a

property-graph store.


Federal, State and Local agencies are being tasked to do more with less. The volume of data is growing exponentially with traditional analytical tools unable to scale. Symmetry easily supports billions of records and can align historical geographic, weather, census and specific department data through ingest of database, file and message bus data. 

Symmetry supports key themes such as:

* Opioid abuse
* Rail incident management
* Medicaid/Medicare fraud
* Weather patterns (fire, drought, flood)
* Enterprise Architecture

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