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We deliver powerful software and solutions that bring data within reach. We enable enterprise-class data governance and security across a wide range of industries - from gaming to financial services. Symmetry is the first open, data-driven graph-based analytical framework with built-in AI and Machine Learning, complemented by a full suite of mobile applications.


Symmetry can integrate with today's most popular gaming technologies - from real-time SAS-compliant messaging to traditional floor/loyalty, POS, Financial, parking and hotel systems. Symmetry is the only platform that automatically aggregates data for multi-property analytics to create 360-degree property views. 

Financial Services


Symmetry supports data traceability, data lineage and stewardship. From ontologies (FIBO), vocabularies, and business processes, to the underlying IT, Symmetry supports a variety of key regulatory drivers, such as:
* Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/Patriot Act,    
       DFS Rule 504)
* Risk Management (BCBS 239)
* Capital Markets and Investments (MIFID II)
* Data Privacy Management (GDPR)
* Financial Compliance (CCAR, DFAST)

IntelligentTag led the adoption of FIBO on a

property-graph store.


Federal, State and Local agencies are being tasked to do more with less. The volume of data is growing exponentially with traditional analytical tools unable to scale. Symmetry easily supports billions of records and can align historical geographic, weather, census and specific department data through ingest of database, file and message bus data. 

Symmetry supports key themes such as:

* Opioid abuse
* Rail incident management
* Medicaid/Medicare fraud
* Weather patterns (fire, drought, flood)
* Enterprise Architecture

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