IntelligentTag has a world-class technology and service partnership team. Our technology partners have pioneered many 'firsts' from property graph development to bridges that support integrations. Our focus is to partner with technology vendors that continue to push the value-add curve while keeping simplicity, ease-of-use and performance at the forefront. Our service partners enable top-tier and Fortune 100 organizations worldwide by leveraging their domain expertise. Together, we provide value early and continuously, through our business-driven solutions. If you would like to become a technology or service partner, please contact us.


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eConnect™ is a cutting-edge technology company that helps improve business performance through data and video intelligence. The company seamlessly integrates digital video surveillance analytics, including facial recognition, with transactional data from point-of-sale (POS), casino systems and other data sources to improve profitability quickly and directly, efficiency and the guest experience. eConnect offers measurable ROI within months of system deployment. The tools are world-renowned for their ability to discover previously unknown problems, thereby reducing or eliminating sources of loss and correcting operational problems. In response to Covid-19, eConnect has expanded its solutions to enable customers to reopen safely and efficiently.  For more information, visit


Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing program offering.  Combined with other Microsoft cloud offerings and tools,  Symmetry and Azure offer casinos a low-cost, total property analytical solution, with enterprise-class scalability, security and redundancy. 

Neo4j is an internet-scale, native graph database that leverages connected data to help companies build intelligent applications that meet today's evolving challenges including machine learning and artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations and master data. As the #1 database for connected data, Neo4j has over three million downloads, the world's largest graph developer community, and thousands of graph-powered applications in production.

The world's most sophisticated organizations worldwide, from enterprises like Walmart, eBay, UBS, Cisco, HP, adidas and Lufthansa to hot startups like Medium, Musimap and Glowbl, use Neo4j to harness the connections in their data.