For years, the gaming industry has relied on proven technologies to plan, optimize and enhance customer loyalty.  Today, as properties expand services, all aspects of the guest experience have become “digitized.” In addition, the information contained in systems for player tracking,  game play, hotel, POS, and in Data Lakes, has become increasingly difficult to integrate and harness in a timely and coherent manner. In order to reduce this data friction and make informed decisions, planners need to:

1) Move analytical solutions as close to real-time as possible.

2) Understand how data is related, and make it actionable.

3) Be proactive and know when an event is about to occur before it happens.

Symmetry  is a blueprint for reducing complexity and risk across gaming markets while enabling insight useful for planning and optimizing property operations. From interfacing with live parking, hotel and floor maps to ensuring regulatory compliancy, Symmetry provides an actionable user experience where every dimension can be linked to uncover patterns across property operations.  Which demographic visits the most? How should Food and Beverage staff the floor? What slots have changed over time?  Which guests spend the most and where? These questions are easily answered through actionable reports, charts, site maps, heat maps and dashboards specific to any property stakeholder.

Symmetry is integrated with a graph database. Unlike the traditional relational database - which requires database administrators to define data relationships far in advance - graphs are data-driven.  Graphs are the most efficient and intuitive way of working with data; they mimic the interconnectedness of the human mind. IntelligentTag developed a patent-pending, data-driven casino graph model that can be used either to manage a property out-of-the-box, or to jumpstart further data integrations.  Millions of transactions per day are easily handled by the graph. No more migrations or data transformations, and most importantly, no costly add-on modules or suites to buy.  As the casino property changes, Symmetry seamlessly adapts and scales, ensuring continuous value-add as the requirements change.

Today, Symmetry is used and recommended by some of the largest US-based casinos. The solution serves stakeholders including slot management, food and beverage and hotel services using popular devices, browsers and operating systems.  

  • Slot meters and events


  • Network Analysis


  • Bad Slot Meters


  • Custom reports and charts for all stakeholders

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Facility Usage

  • Demographics (Player, Bus)

  • Guest Loyalty

  • Trends 

  • Similarity, difference, etc.

  • KPIs

  • Create new information from existing 

  • Rules-based

  • Apply industry or custom defined KPIs

  • Events before they happen


  • Proactive notification


  • Play trends


  • Property trends